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Lars Pedro Björk was born in 1899 at Oak Park, a highly respectable suburb of Chicago, where his father, a keen sportsman, was a doctor. He was the second of six children.

The family spent family holidays in a lakeside hunting lodge in Michigan, near Native American settlements. It was in this milieu Björk developed an acute interest in arching, a pastime he has continued in later days.

In the late sixties Björk settled down in a commune of pseudo-scientist in San Diego, California. When faced with the fact that the pseudo-scientist he had befriended was doing research within accepted branches of science, Björk found himself at a loss.

In a futile attempt to get the four years he had spent in the commune back, he began to speak backwards. However, only to find out he did not possess the ability to do so.

The following years turned out to be even more trying for a drifting and distressed Björk who, during the time, only found comfort in his life-long interests in arching and rancid moonshine.

It wasn't until the early eighties life turned into a brighter prospect for Björk. He delivered a fairly well-received thesis proposal on the implementation of Marxist views on sexuality in the governmental infrastructure of wireless encryption algorithms (IMSGIWEA). He received a Best-in-show award for this at the bi-annual WSGA conference in Linkinshire-on-fair, Wales.

Björk was not only a scientist and noted archer; he was also a illustrator, conversationist, and farmer.


Väntar på patent för Talsyntes med användarens egen röst.


<larce> förresten fösöker livet säga något till en när bagaren på den lokala pizzerian 
kallar en för "larsan" och påpekar att man gått ner i vikt sedan sist

Veni vidi vici

Eller, som Lars säger:

ordet, och tolkningen, är mitt

Noterbara bedrifter

larsan är mest känd för...

  • att han är den enda i västsverige som har en personlig pizzabagare och en bordsantenn.
  • att han efter påtryckningar slutade med fotografi och övergick till akvarell.


Summan av Lars laster är, av naturen, alltid konstant.


Ordet på gatan säger att Lars snart har lagt högafflarna på en nätt liten tvåa i Vänersborg (ej nedre botten). Troligtvis finns det en telestation i tvättstugan.

 * larce gör helikoptern


There are currently about 960 billion e-scams circulating the internets with a statement about Bjork that has been categorically and swiftly denied by the Bjork Estate.

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a certain way. He is crooked. He's question of slavery is
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The origins of this unfortunate and bland mix of accusations, slander and worship is unclear. The semi-accepted theory however is one that involves three show girls from Las Vegas, a Sudanese taxi driver and perverted amounts of Polish Vodka.


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